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What We Do_


When it comes to background checks there is a difference.  A licensed investigation company is the only way to get the most complete, accurate and up to date information available.  Don’t trust those internet instant checks that can be often out of date or don’t have the information correctly associated to the person you are looking for more information on.  There would be nothing worse than thinking the person is ‘clean’ and not know about a recent incident.  Or worse yet, thinking a good person or candidate is less than desirable when someone else’s record is associated with them.

So whether you are looking to hire someone, go into business together, date or commit to marriage or know who is watching your children, it is okay to trust but in today’s day and age we must also verify.  Citadel Investigations is your trusted source for this valuable information.



Citadel Investigations is your ideal solution for preparing the most complete defense regardless or your legal needs.  Citadel Investigations thoroughly knows our legal system and our courts.  We can locate witnesses that may not have been discovered by police even those that can mean the critical difference to the outcome of your case.


Witnesses are sometimes reluctant to talk.  Sometimes knowing how to ask important questions can help to uncover truths that have not come to light.  Our investigators are highly trained at interviewing and information gathering that yields reliable witness statements. 

The reliability of witnesses can be called into question.  It is best to be prepared and know before you walk into the courtroom the reliability or questionable nature of witnesses (either for your side or opposing).  Citadel Investigations can perform a thorough and complete background check to give you the information to challenge testimony or to firmly support your case.


Citadel Investigations can support your case with surveillance.  Do you need photographic proof to present in court?  Let our professional experience provide you with that crucial piece of evidence. 



Our professional investigators have years of experience working with police and prosecutors in criminal cases.  Not every case is “black and white” or “cut and dry”.  Every person deserves to have the whole truth available.  Citadel Investigations can thoroughly review the case against you looking for inconsistencies and missing elements that can mean all the difference when presenting your best possible defense.   Is there a witness that was missed?  Citadel Investigations can dig deeper into the circumstances and possibly find information and witnesses that can support your case and help see that justice is served.



Hiring new employees is a great opportunity for any company to grow or replace with quality employees that will help the company grow and be productive.  Obviously, background checks are a must when hiring employees.  Citadel Investigations offers the most complete and thorough background checks.  We help you with complete information in which to make a hiring decision.


Are you having issues currently within your company that need to be investigated?  Do you have questions about whether cash or inventory is being stolen?  Whether there are issues with theft or employee misconduct Citadel Investigations is here to help.  With complete and confidential investigations we find the answers you wouldn’t otherwise be able to know.  Anywhere from site survey and assessments to employee interviews and investigations Citadel Investigations is the answer.



Do you know most missing person’s cases don’t get the full attention of the police department when they are reported?  With recent cut backs and economic hard times most police agencies lack the resources or manpower to investigate a missing person’s case.  We can help you get the answers that you need to end your worry about where your loved one is.


Citadel Investigations can help you reconnect with someone you have lost touch.  We have access to database information that is the most current and wide reaching that is not available in those internet background checks that are usually incomplete and out of date.  Citadel Investigations will complete your completely confidential locate with speed and efficiency.



Citadel Investigations understands that this is a very sensitive area of our business.  Many people have different feelings and/or opinions in this area.  When it comes to suspicions of a spouse or loved one we can help you with information that allows your life to move forward.  Not knowing can keep you in a feedback loop of doubt and worry that doesn’t allow you to be able to enjoy the other areas of your life.  Some people find they are worrying needlessly and others end up having their suspicions confirmed.  Either result is far better than living without knowing.  Citadel Investigations can help.


The investigation is completely confidential and discreet.  You can see what you are missing without the other party knowing they are being investigated.  All communication and case reports are provided in a manner that allows you the safest and secure feeling.  Don’t live another day in worry and wonder.  Let us help you with answers.



When it comes to hiring new employees, anyone can tell you that it is much easier to not hire the wrong person when you have a complete picture than it is to try to fire someone after the truth comes out later.  Citadel Investigations offers the most complete background checks for

pre-employment screening available.  We have database access that is not available to non-licensed organizations or individuals.  We find: Criminal Records Criminal Convictions Arrests Prison Records Sex Offenses Driving Records Past and Present Addresses Real Ages Lawsuits Bankruptcy filings Liens and Judgements Military Records Property Ownerships and more.


It is important to be able to trust an employee, let Citadel Investigations help you to verify.



Do you have a problem that can only be solved with first-hand, inside knowledge?  Citadel Investigations has highly trained and experienced operatives to handle the most challenging assignments with success and discretion.  Employee theft or sabotage can not only cost your business hard earned money but it could end up with having to close your doors on the very thing you have built and put everything into; your business.  Citadel Investigations undercover surveillance can uncover the causes anywhere from employee theft, drug use or sale on company property, or corporate espionage and help to solve the problem and get your business back to where it should be.




In a cash business, the temptation can be high for some employees.  When that cash is what stands between your business being successful and another restaurant or bar that has closed, let Citadel Investigations help.  Whether the problem is employee theft of cash, stealing of product or giving away food or merchandise to their friends these problems can quickly deplete your cash flows or even be the death of your business.  Citadel Investigations has many investigative methods from hidden cameras that help you see what you are missing and to help you solve your problem.   As always, Citadel Investigations operates discreetly and professionally to obtain the answers and evidence you need.


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