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Citadel Investigations and Protection Group is dedicated to providing professional, complete and confidential investigations to all of our clients. Our experienced and highly trained investigators get the results that others cannot.  Let Citadel get the results and make the difference you need.  Call today 248-266-4289

 We're on the case. 
 Private Investigators & Detectives 

It was nice to find a team that could uncover the losses in our 'back room'.  Now we can get back to growing our business.

- Stan G.

[ Domestic Affairs ]


When it comes to suspicions of a spouse or loved one we can help you with information that allows your life to move forward

[ Criminal Investigations ]


Our team can assist with all your criminal investigation needs.  We uncover and find the truth and evidence you need

[ Fraud & Insurance ]


If you suspect employee theft or fraud. Or an insurance claim needs to be vetted we can help you uncover the truth.

[ Computer Forensics ]


In this digital age, problems such as theft or cyber attacks are a real concern.  Let Citadel help.

[ Missing Persons ]


Citadel Investigations can help you find that long lost friend, family member or any other hard to find person.

[ Surveillance ]


Our professional and discreet investigators can help you see what you are missing

My ex was hiding the kids from me.  Not anymore, thanks to Citadel.  Now I can see my kids and the court can decide what to do with her.

- Lance F.

Providing professional & discreet solutions_






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